Specialist Sliders are small bars with Buttons that you click and then drag up or down to increase or decrease a value Range from 0 to 100 as default or a bespoke Range. Specialist Sliders have a coloured Slider Bar that sits underneath the Slider Button and expands or contracts as the Slider Button is dragged. These Sliders differ from other Sliders that I have created by the way that they lock into a position when dragged by the Mouse. When the Mouse Button is released the SLider Button will 'spring' to the nearest Step on the Scale. Slider Shapes are linked to Macros that enable this movement in pixels or in Steps as part of a Range that can shown visually as a Scale through a variety of different methods including a Chart Scale and Cell Formatting. Sliders have a Cursor Drag Coefficient and a Speed Coefficient. They can be set manually either by Cell adjustment or via a VBA Macro. Sliders use advanced Code to ease the setup, design and implementation together with Named Ranges to control their various attributes. You are purchasing version 1