Toasts are notifications that pop up from the bottom of your screen, like toast… from a toaster for Excel. Pop your Bread into the Toaster, add Butter & Jam if you like and then wait for the Messages to 'Popup'. You can Toast single slices of Toast or multiple slices. You can change the look and feel of your Toasts by passing in parameters for the Background Colour, Font Colour and Border Size and Colour - that's the Butter & Jam bit! Another neat feature of Toasts is that you can Initialise the Bread Class on Worksheet Activate and then destroy the Class on Worksheet Deactivate, allowing you to Call Toasts at anytime, for example in a Grid with Cell Selections - check out my demo in the Video Section. Toast messages are also HTML, meaning that you can pass just about anything into the HTML, including, CSS formatting, carriage returns, advanced spans and of course VBA Variables. Virtual Settings lets you adjust other parts of the HTML for Scaling, Margin and Left positioning. You are purchasing version 1.1