UserForm Extensibility


If you want to add some additional UserForm Extensibility to your Project then these small Classes are a must. The 'UserFormExtensibility' imports other Class Objects like 'SystemMetrics', 'SystemTiming' and 'Easing' to make extending your UserForms Methods easy - you only need to add tiny amounts of Code to do some 'big' things; of course, a little imagination helps too. You want a UserForm without a Caption, but need a Border with Rounded Corners? Want to design one like the UserForm below? Sure you can do this with a couple of Calls using the '.RemoveCaptionAndBorders' and '.RoundBorderCorners' Methods followed by a couple of Labels and some Image Controls. UserForm Extensibility is declared at the top of any UserForm Code Module like this 'Private Self As New UserFormExtensibility'. After which, each UserForm can be 'Assigned' to the Class via 'Set Self.Assign = Me' in the 'UserForm_Initialize()' Subroutine. From here you have all of the power and functionality via the interface with the minimum of coding. You are purchasing Version 1.8 which includes the Windows 11 fix and the Scaling / Cursor extensibility