WebLabelDialog-fork#1 (feat. Google Fonts and Icons) is a modern interface created using a Bitmap image loaded directly into a UserForm Picture member together with tiny WebBrowser Controls that serve as HTML WebLabels/Psuedo Labels. This allows you to pull Google Fonts and Icons using any Font or Icon that you like for Text or Graphics for each WebLabel. It also means that these Fonts will follow the Excel Workbook as they will be dynamically downloaded wherever the Workbook goes or to whoever the Workbook is sent. WebLabelDialog (feat. Google Fonts) uses my minified Extensibility Class for Excel (redacted from my UserForm-Extensibility Class) to make some aspects of interactivity easier like adding a Hand Cursor to a UserForm or parts of a UserForm to be transparent and / or dragged by the Mouse. You are purchasing a fully functional user fork of this Software