Need a replacement MsgBox or Dialog for Excel? Wild Oliva is a Class that allows you to create animated Dialogs for Excel. You can embed Skins, Icons and Animations into a very hidden Sheet and use them within the Class. Wild Oliva comes pre-loaded with 4 Google Fonts, 16 Skins and lots of Icons & Animations. This documentation details how to Base64 encode and embed objects so that you can build upon the base Dialog if you so wish. ild Oliva has a Titlebar, a Message area that fits around an Icon, a resizable SVG Icon and 3 Hover Buttons. Results of the Button press can be captured. The Dialog can be dismissed using the Excape {ESC} Key or clicking anywhere on the Lightbox (which can be transparent if required). Primarily created for use over light or white backgrounds, this Dialog looks equally as good on dark or black backgrounds. A Skin covers the Header and Footer area of the Dialog. You are purchasing Version 1.6 featuring the Windows 11 fix