Special Offer for Telesummit Participants


I have created this exclusive special offer just for participants of this telesummit. It includes:

The Higher Self PEP Collection ($27 value)
The Peace, Love, and Abundance PEP Collection ($22 value)
The Inspiring Life Program ($77 value)
Exclusive Inspiring Life PEP Lists ($17 value)

The total value of this package if purchased separately is $143, but for participants of this telesummit, the special discounted price for all of these is just $87, which saves you over $50 off the regular price.

If you liked what we did together in my telesummit interview and you'd like to go even further into experiencing your unconditional well-being, wisdom, love, abundance, and inspiration, I encourage you to go ahead and invest in yourself and get this special offer to help you on your journey home.

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