MailSaver 1.5


MailSaver automates the task of saving Apple Mail messages to custom-named files.

MailSaver controls Apple Mail with AppleScript to save one or a group of e-mail messages to a choice of file types – PDF, RTF, RTFD, TXT, or EML – each with filenames containing user-selected information extracted from each message. Save a message with a filename containing the message's Date Received, Date Sent, Sender Name and/or Address, Subject, and other message or system information. MailSaver also saves e-mail attachments, keeps a log of its actions, and does not alter or delete messages. User-set options are saved between uses.

MailSaver-Auto (included with MailSaver) automates the previous MailSaver command without requiring user input.

MailSaver is a non-technical, simple-to-use utility to save Mail messages quickly and effortlessly!