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Site License: With this license you can distribute the ebook within your company to a maximum of 10 developers. For more than 10 copies, buy a Corporate Licence.

Delphi XE Handbook is a guide to new features in Delphi XE, covering everything but the DataSnap portion of the product.

Written by best-selling Delphi books author Marco Cantù, the book follows the Delphi Handbooks series on 2007, 2009, and 2010, both in scope and in the appraoch.

This book on Delphi XE (covering only new features of the product) is 132 pages long and it is avaialble also in print. Here is the list of chapters (on the book web site at you can also get the Table of Contents):

1: Delphi XE IDE
2: Integrated Tooling
3: Compiler and RTL
4: XE Libraries

You might also consider buying Marco's "Delphi Handbooks Collection", a single PDF with all of his recent books, also available on this shop.