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Super iTunes Suite - Buy the bundle and save big. Order Today! (for Windows)


This suite includes all of our 'for iTunes' applications:

1.) Converter for iTunes: Convert songs in iTunes to MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF or Apple Lossless format. Convert your whole music library at once or one or more specific tracks.

2.) Dupe Eliminator for iTunes: Easily find and remove duplicate songs, movies, TV shows, podcasts and dead links for missing song files.

3.) StreamTunes for iTunes: Securely access and play your iTunes Music Library from anywhere using an iPhone or a web browser.

4.) TweetTweet for iTunes: Automatically tweet to Twitter your iTunes music playing and video watching activity.

5.) Super PlaylistMaker for iTunes: Organize and find your music easily using super playlist folders.

6.) ezShare for iTunes: Drag n' drop your iTunes Music Library tracks from one PC to another.

7.) Media Finder for iTunes: Find lost audio and video files and add to iTunes.

8.) Library Switcher for iTunes: Easily switch between multiple iTunes Music Libraries. Create new libraries for your own use or for multiple people with iPods sharing iTunes.

9.) LibZIP for iTunes: Archive or transfer music from one PC running iTunes to another.

10.) Visualizer for iTunes: Visually browse your iTunes Music Library and find and play music you forgot you had.

Note: Cleaner for iTunes is not included since it is a stripped down version of Dupe Eliminator

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