Mathficast 4.0 Suggest

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Mathficast 4.0 Suggest is a Big Data predictive analytics software platform intended for prediction of complex real life phenomena including stock and commodity financial markets’ behaviour. It employs 11 different and independent classes of forecasting methods. It looks into real world and manages to establish an innovative way of transforming complex Big Data predictive analytic problems into thousands of simpler prediction problems. Subsequently it attempts to perform those simple predictions first and then combine the results to get a prediction for the original complex problem; it also manages to create a competition between hundreds of forecasting agents in approach to the forecasting point. In designing Mathficast 4.0 Suggest predictive software platform, we have gone all the way to make the life easier for managers and analysts: Machine intelligence is fully in charge of the forecasting process. For instructions on how to run and use the software please visit the user manual page on our website For system requirements please visit our home page You will require a live internet connection to install and run Mathficast 4.0 Suggest.