Mathficast 5.0 Zoom

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We are proud to introduce Mathficast 5.0 Zoom one of the world’s simplest and yet most powerful prediction time machines: It takes a single click to create thousands of predictions from thousands of Big Data time series. It relies on special fitness functions and metrics to combine multiple forecasting agents to come up with the best prediction output. It works based on reverse engineering of a black box which will imitate and reproduce the behaviour of the Big Data environment for example a financial market. Its core algorithm is a machine learner which relies on the next generation enhanced neural-genetic engine. The fundamental concept behind the enhanced engine is to land in the vicinity of the optimum solution at different multi-dimensional points surrounding the optimum solution, before diving into main optimization. Mathficast 5.0 is intended for solving large scale Big Data and financial prediction problems which may require analysis of hundreds of time series simultaneously. It offers two main predictive analytics strategies: Each strategy includes 11 different forecasting functions. Please note that we have designed Mathficast 5.0 Zoom, in response to overwhelming demand from all of our trial customers globally for such a simple and fully automated product. Mathficast 5.0 Zoom, unlike the Mathficast 4.0 Suggest and Mathficast 4.0 Analytic, only generates a single final best prediction value. For instructions on how to run and use the software please visit the user manual page on our website For system requirements please visit our home page You will require a live internet connection to install and run Mathficast 5.0 Zoom.