MathSpec software is designed for very rapid screening and identification of small molecules from accurate-mass MS/MS data. (Our software requires that the experimental accurate-masses must be within 4 mDa of the theoretical exact masses or better.) The initial monthly subscription consists of two products that are integrated together: 1) a search application that compares experimental MS/MS data to a database of 250K common compounds stored as mathematical partitions of their exact molecular weight; and 2) a downloadable Excel Add-In that generates modular structures from accurate-mass fragmentation data, without working backwards from a structure. The monthly subscription allows the user to analyze up to 100000 accurate-mass MS/MS spectra generated by data dependent acquisition. Because a short time period may elapse between ordering the subscription and receiving your password, there is the initial set-up charge but no monthly subscription charge for up to 30 days after placing your order.

$169.00 Monthly

  • First 30 Days $469.00


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