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MAXA Cookie Manager


MAXA Cookie Manager lists and manages the new browser independent cookes (such as Flash cookies) together with conventional cookies of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and more browsers. You can explore their contents and delete them. Using black and whitelists, you can set up rules for automatic cookie management. If you want, MAXA Cookie Manager can automatically check for new cookies periodically.

MAXA Security Tools


MAXA Security Tools is a package containing multiple effective tools for computer security in Windows and consists of the following modules:

MAXA Crypt SE: Allows 256 bit-strong encryption and decryption of texts or multiple files into one encrypted file. When encrypting text, the software is compatible to our online interface.

Steganography: Hide files into JPEG images and WAVE audio files. These container files will remain unsuspicious.

File Manipulator: Change file preferences such as date of creation and size and securely erase files so that they cannot be recovered any more.

Evidence Remover: Remove traces of visited websites, opened documents, and similar by one mouseclick.

Document Cleaner: Clear sensitive information out of Word documents before you distribute them.

Password Generator: Create secure passwords automaticallySecureEdit: Create documents containing formatted text and images that can be redistributed in an encrypted executable container file.

MAXA-Lock: Lock your computer while you are away and be alarmed by Email, Skype or SMS if someone tries to gain access to it.

MAXA Lock Pro


MAXA-Lock is an easy-to-use and effective security product for Windows. By providing an intuitive interface and providing the user with a diverse set of options, it has quickly become the product of choice for all levels of users.

Leave your working place with an easy mind as MAXA-Lock is protecting your desktop, and in case an intruder tries to get access, will alarm you via email, Skype® or SMS. MAXA-Lock can take pictures or video sequences of the intruder with a webcam.

On your return, you will have an access log of all access attempts.

Key Features:

-Block access to desktop and applications

-Every single access attempt is logged

-Skype support - complete Skype integration in the Pro version

-Security timer can lock automatically after a time of inactivity

-Webcam integration - automatically take pictures or capture video of whomever is attempting to break into your computer.

-Alarm email: Attacks are sent to an email address of your choice - PLUS webcam pictures can also be sent!

-All four Skype features are supported (Chat Mode, Audio Mode, Video Mode and SMS)

-Multilingual - English, German and Spanish

Bundle MCM+MST


Bundle consisting of our products MAXA Cookie Manager and MAXA Security Tools

Upgrade MAXA Cookie Manager


Upgrade to the newest version of MAXA Cookie Manager for bearers of a License of a previous version of MAXA Cookie Manager