MAXA Security Tools


MAXA Security Tools is a package containing multiple effective tools for computer security in Windows and consists of the following modules:

MAXA Crypt SE: Allows 256 bit-strong encryption and decryption of texts or multiple files into one encrypted file. When encrypting text, the software is compatible to our online interface.

Steganography: Hide files into JPEG images and WAVE audio files. These container files will remain unsuspicious.

File Manipulator: Change file preferences such as date of creation and size and securely erase files so that they cannot be recovered any more.

Evidence Remover: Remove traces of visited websites, opened documents, and similar by one mouseclick.

Document Cleaner: Clear sensitive information out of Word documents before you distribute them.

Password Generator: Create secure passwords automaticallySecureEdit: Create documents containing formatted text and images that can be redistributed in an encrypted executable container file.

MAXA-Lock: Lock your computer while you are away and be alarmed by Email, Skype or SMS if someone tries to gain access to it.