MemoryTamer is an automatic memory-freeing app that runs in your menu bar. It supports notifications with both Growl and Notification Center, and also lets you free memory whenever you want with the "Free memory now" menu item.

On OS X 10.9, it gets even better! By tapping into a system function introduced in OS X 10.9, MemoryTamer is able to automatically free your memory without slowing down your computer.

Note on the license: This license provides unlimited uses, but because of some issues with the registration dialog, it can currently only be activated by the automatic activation link provided with your delivery information. The link goes through a page on, so it will work even from Gmail or being pasted into the address bar.


The FastSpring license is only supported in MemoryTamer v1.4.0 and up, which requires OS X 10.9 or higher. If you are on Lion or Mountain Lion, you will need to buy via Paddle at in order to license the legacy versions of MemoryTamer.

Why is MemoryTamer a paid app?

MemoryTamer is a paid app because I have costs associated with developing and supporting it. I spend $99/year on an Apple developer account so I can code-sign the app and get it to work with Gatekeeper. I spend $299/year on RubyMotion, which is the build and coding system I use. I also spend $100/year on HockeyApp, which I use for automatic crash reporting, the feedback form in the app, and the update hosting server. That totals to $498/year (plus tax on some things), and in the first 6 months of selling MemoryTamer, I only made about $250. Currently, MemoryTamer is my only app, and although making and selling additional apps wouldn't add to the costs, I still have to deal with my unrelated full-time job, so MemoryTamer and any other apps I might create have to be developed in my free time.

I use MemoryTamer quite a bit myself, and it was originally an app I created for my own personal use. I'm not trying to make a ton of money off of it. Rather, I'm trying to share what I think is a really useful app with other people while also trying to break even on development costs. I really enjoy working on MemoryTamer, but $500/year is enough of a cost that I don't really want to take it completely out of my main income source. I personally feel that $2.49 is a fairly reasonable price for MemoryTamer, and I've had several users tell me the same thing. If you've tried MemoryTamer and like what you see, I would really appreciate it if you would help support my development costs. I hope you can get as much use out of it as I do.