Voxel Heat Diffuse Skinning - Blender Add-on v3.4.2


Traditional heat map diffuse algorithm can only deal with watertight meshes, but artists create character components in their own way, then group them together to a character, usually the character is not seamless, this often cause traditional heat map diffuse algorithm to fail.

Voxel grid heat diffuse algorithm can overcome the shortcoming, it converts the non-seamless character into a solid statue, heat diffuses in the solid statue, so we can get the most natural vertex weights.

The voxel heat diffuse skinning had already been equipped in Autodesk's Maya and 3DS Max for years, but Blender users don't have an opportunity to benefit from the feature.

Traditional heat map diffuse algorithm can get much better result in detailed areas such as fingers and toes than voxel heat diffuse algorithm, we can use them both to get perfect result with our Blender addon.

We believe that all digital artists and game teams want this feature, fortunately, you can do perfect automatic vertex weight skinning within Blender today.