Depression 180 | Premium Package


The Depression 180 Program with scientifically proven methods for ending depression.


• The five section 413-page guidebook shipped to you.*

• The five section 396-page PDF guidebook.

• PDF worksheets of all 16 Cognitive Behavioral Exercises.

• Guided audio recordings of all 16 Cognitive Behavioral Exercises.

• 6 Hypnotherapy Sessions: End Depression, Create Happiness and Peace, Positive Mind Successful Life, Stopping Worrying and Anxious Thoughts, and Eliminate Shame and Guilt. There are two versions of each session, one with a call to wake up at the end and the other for bedtime which will help you drift off to sleep and wake up refreshed and relaxed.

• A guided visualization exercise on MP3 to reduce or even eliminate strong negative emotions from memories of past experiences such as fear, anxiety, anger, shame, and other unwanted emotions.

• A guided Pattern Interruption exercise on MP3, which will stop the flow of negative brain chemistry that’s causing depression, fear, and anger and flood yourself with positive brain chemistry to create happiness and joy.

Plus, The End Depression Now Interview Series

Over 40 leading researchers, trauma specialists, neuroscientists and behavior experts teaching the latest medical and scientific facts about how to end depression and create happiness. This is the first depression telesummit of this magnitude.

And, The Power Behind Your Beliefs PDF

Mutant mice, multiple personality disorder, healing the crippled with fake surgery, and the amazing power of the color blue, this is about how your subconscious programming is controlling and possibly even sabotaging your life.

And your purchase is 100% guaranteed. If you don’t feel this program will help you create the life you truly desire, send me an email in the first 30 days after purchasing it and I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked and we part as friends.

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