Easy Direct Mail To Create Small-Business Profits- A Step-By-Step Guide To Marketing Success


Small-Business Owners are you capitalizing on one of the most proven and successful marketing methods around - and still going strong, even after decades? I'm talking about Direct Mail Marketing.

It's cost effective. It enables you to connect with your customers on a more personal, intimate level. It brings in great returns. AND...it's not as complicated as you may believe.

I'm laying it all out for you in this easy to follow guide. From the components and organization of a direct mail campaign, right down to the writing of your material, and the technical aspect of it...(shudder) the dreaded mail merge. That's right. I've included screen captures so you can find your way around the back end of the process and come out on top, without losing your hair over it.

Take your marketing efforts to the next level with tried and true direct mail marketing...especially written for the small-business owner. You'll love your results.