Better (and Easier) Strategic Planning for Small Business Owners and Solo Entrepreneurs


Why does a small-businesses flounder? Because without clear direction or the steps you need to move forward, it's difficult to focus on what matters, so you will stay on track. Is this what you're facing? Here's the easy-to-understand and actionable booklet to help you do just that. This guide is ideal for small-business owners and solo entrepreneurs to help you shape and organize your every-day business activities through your short- or long-term action plans for growth and success. It also includes suggested tracking methods to track your daily tasks, larger projects, marketing activities, and to measure ongoing progress and completion. Imagine...Working without a strategic plan is like not using a map to provide directions when you're on a trip. This usually turns into a frustrating struggle to find your way - with countless detours, wasted time and money, wrong turns, and dead ends. Take it from me...I know that for a fact...I worked without a plan for a few years before finding my way. Theres' no need to suffer through this confusion when a solution is present. So go ahead. Do the strategy (exercise). Map your path to success. Reach your intended end result quicker and with fewer obstacles along the way. Your success CAN be easier using "Better (and Easier) Strategic Planning - For Small Business and Solo Entrepreneurs" as your guide. The sooner you have a plan mapped out, the sooner you shape and organize your business for success.