movieola play


movieola play is a simple, yet powerful media player with a timecode reader and generator. movieola play offers what media professionals expect: Simple, intuitiv handling and having access to a wide range of digital media.

- No startup windows, no project, ready to playback HD video in second
- Intuitiv drag & drop from any folder, local or shares (LAN)
- Navigation with keyboard (J-K-L) mouse or external shuttle device
- Variable speed : slomotion – realtime – fastmotion up to 40 x realtime
- Tapelike audio pitch shift in slow- and fastmotion (up to 4 x realtime)
- GotoTime function with frame precision for video
- 1/100 sample precision for audio
- Permanent visible timedisplay with frame numbers (SMPTE standard)
- Floating timedisplay in fullscreen mode, show various mediainfos
- Time-Modes switchable : Timecode, Absolut-Time (counter), Remain-Time
- 8 Track audiomixer with solo and latch functions
- Timecode reader and generator (SMPTE/EBU standards)
- Aspect ratio correction for DV/SD PAL/NTSC movies
- Resize movieview in fix sizes (100%, 50%, 25%) or in 2% steps
- Dual monitor support. Playback on both screens.
- All videoformats (4K,2K,HD, PAL, NTSC, DF, NDF)
- Playback all codecs available on your system
- Available for Intel Macs with OSX 10.6 and upwards

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