Career Mapping - The Path to Success Webinar


Career Mapping – The Path to Success sets the stage for your career journey. This phase tends to be the most overlooked or avoided process for people of all ages when contemplating a career move or actively looking for a new job. Most people want to just leap into action by networking, résumé writing and applying for jobs, when you need to first ask yourself some critical questions. Career Mapping provides clarity on what you really want to do, what you are good at and helps you identify a healthy career environment and determine the value of your compensation. This is the cornerstone of the mapping process and your career success. I will help you answer those critical questions that only you can answer. I will guide you through the “Plotting” process that looks at your historical and aspirational industries, functions and roles to start you on your unique path. I will move on to helping you define the all-important competencies, identifying gaps, fears and more. Using tips from my book Career Mapping: Charting Your Course In the New World of Work and drawing upon my years as an executive recruiter this proven approach makes managing your career and job seeking efforts more effective because they are focused, purposeful and integrated into a plan.