GoBDocuments 1 & 2 (Full Version)
The Document Management System for Mac
by MOApp Software

This purchase will include license keys for Version 1 (macOS 10.11 - 10.15) and Version 2 (macOS 11+). Existing users can upgrade here for a reduced price. Yes, there is a grace period. If you purchased GoBDocuments 1 after August 1, 2021 - you will get the upgrade for free. Please write a message for this purpose.

The new version comes with great and requested features, like text recognition (OCR) and watched folders. This way you can make scans and images searchable und don't have to import your important files by hand. I've also added new file formats that can be imported and made searchable and the log now comes with a process description included; in case an official third party has questions during an audit.

Please note that upgrading to GoBDocuments 2 will also upgrade your database. You can revert at any time by Time Machine or any other kind of backup you might use.

PLEASE NOTE: You are about to purchase something from FastSpring, my payment provider and reseller. In some countries taxes are added; I can't help it.

You will receive the order confirmation and the invoice from FastSpring directly after your purchase and a separate and automated email from me - Michael (@MOApp) - with your registration information a couples of minutes later.

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