Everyday AppleScriptObjC


'Everyday AppleScriptObjC', Third Edition, is an introduction to writing AppleScriptObjC. It walks you through the mechanics, gets you over the initial learning hump, and then takes you through a series of practical examples of how to use some of the most important classes. All the code samples are supplied with the book, which is published in PDF form. With AppleScriptObjC you have access to a range of functions that previously required multiple applications and scripting additions. And by writing the code yourself, or modfying code written by others, you have control and security of mind. Learn how to manipulate text in ways beyond AppleScript's native ability, with things like access to regular expressions. Format numbers and dates so you never have to worry about scientific notation again. Have access to quick, simple sorting of lists, or more complex options and filters. Manage your filing without the slowness of the Finder or the vagaries of System Events. 'Everyday AppleScriptObjC' is by Shane Stanley, a long-time AppleScript user and trainer, and software engineer working on Script Debugger.