NEXTAnalytics Excel Addin Annual Subscription for GA V4

$49.95 Yearly

Quantity Price
1 - 4 $49.95
5 - 9 $40.00
10+ $30.00
Congratulations! You have made the decision to purchase a one year license for the most powerful Excel Addin in the world which will allow you to download data from Google Analytics to your computer. Existing customers should be aware that this version of Google Analytics is not the same as what you've built your existing reports with. If you're building something new, then this is a good option, but if you need to refresh workbooks from a prior version, this software won't work for you. You can build spreadsheets in Excel and Google Sheets, or you can save the data into a database to give access to reporting tools. This purchase is a subscription and would renew this same day next year, unless you cancel the subscription sometime before then. If you do cancel, your license will continue to be valid until one year from now. Your purchase entitles you to contact with any questions you might have. Best wishes!