Noel's Daily Beat Up


Do you want to move efficiently and effortlessly around the guitar neck at blinding speeds? Do you want to sweep pick and play arpeggios? This exercise book will build up the strength, flexibility, and endurance of both the left and right hands. It comes with an mp3 of all the exercises, so you can play along with a guitar and not your metronome. Or, you can go a step further and create a song in any audio recording program that will import mp3s. This allows you to increase or decrease the speed to fit your own ability.

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This book covers the very beginning of music theory and its application to guitar. It then takes you through chords and scales.The reason this book is so good is that it is a workbook, not just a textbook! It is 150 pages of guitar theory explained in layman's terms. No need for a music degree to understand this one. With its easy to read material and efficient organization, you won't find a better theory book for guitar.