Consulting Services


Consulting services are available for the following areas:

Corporate appearances, presentations, and training
Legal consultations for statistical data analysis, expert witness, depositions
Guest lectures for graduate-level data science, computer science, and statistics courses
Statistical lectures for medical residents/fellows
Descriptive statistics
Manifold learning and non-linear dimension reduction
Transforming data, determining cluster structure, class discovery, and cluster validity
Super-resolution root MUSIC and component subtraction
Association (correlation, distance)
Independent 2- and k-sample hypothesis testing for equality of means (continuous), proportions (binary), frequencies (categorical)
Predictive analytics and regression modeling (linear multiple regression, multivariate linear, binary logistic, polytomous logistic, Cox proportional hazards, Poisson (additive, multiplicative, geometric, and non-linear) and regression diagnostics
Class prediction (classification analysis)
Longitudinal analysis and survival analysis
Text mining and sentiment analysis
Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis (with correlated quantiles) from 26 probability distributions
Monte Carlo cost analysis for architecture, construction, business, and economics

  • Consulting (1 hour) $150.00
  • Consulting (2 hours) $300.00
  • Consulting (3 hours) $450.00
  • Consulting (4 hours) $600.00