Images Generator


Images Generator is a universal innovative application that combines properties of modern graphic editor and automatic design program. It can be used for a wide range of tasks including the following:

  • Processing of photos and other images. The program toolset includes effective methods for removing stains and sharp color transitions and methods for selection of image parts from the background. The program provides transformation of raster images. Type of transformation is determined by directional curve. It allows you to create portraits from photo.
  • Development of banners, buttons, icons, backgrounds and other elements of Web graphics.
  • Creation of beautiful images of two-dimensional graphics. Such images can be used in paper and textile industry and for design of print media.
  • Creation of illustrations to the artistic and professional books, creation of colorful greeting cards and ads, planning, design, and animation.
  • Development of various diagrams, including electrical circuit diagrams.
  • Creation of three-dimensional images. Such images can be used for modelling of engineering objects.
  • Fitting of clothes, glasses and hairstyle. Obtaining of photofit pictures.
  • Execution of engineering drawings. The program provides obtaining of complex curves. Compatibility with computer-aided design software is provided by the use of dxf files.
  • Images Generator is an educational toy and learning tool for children.

The program can be used as the main graphic tool for ordinary users and is useful addition for professional artists, designers and technical experts. Possessing of ample capabilities, the program is characterized by small sizes and ease of use. Such characteristics are provided by using a number of innovative solutions.