Journal Six Version 9 Download


Journal Six is Computer Aided Design Software for the PASSAP E6000 knitting machine.

It's fully integrated with your knitting machine. Download stitch patterns and card reader techniques to your knitting machine with a standard E6000 download cable or print reader cards.

Sophisticated image processing techniques convert photos, scans, and original designs from a wide variety of graphics formats into high quality stitch patterns. Reduce colors. Choose special effects such as stippling or hatching. Apply custom color separations.

Use the sketchbook to embellish your stitch patterns or create "from scratch" stitch pattern with powerful drawing tools including curved and slanted text tools.

Create and download charts of your fabric piece for custom knitting instructions at the console, similar to Form 6.

Journal Six automatically records your work as you go along. Refer to your favorite projects over and over again. Note taking and organization are a breeze leaving you more time to be creative.

If you've tried the demo and verified that it works with your equipment, click on the order button to receive an e-mail message with a download link for the full version of the software. You may also add a backup CD if you wish.