TellAbout PRIME for 1 year


Full PRIME-account enables creation of own private albums where one can invite others to participate. Create and own 15 different albums in your digital bookshelf. In addition, you can participate in albums created by others who have invited you to join their album.

Use phone, tablet or computer. TellAbout works with all devices. You can create downloadable digital book from your album anytime. Printed books are also available for ordering. Start now keeping your good memories alive!

More detailed PRIME product description is available at the TellAbout web-pages.

When purchased you will instantly get an unique order code with instructions for redeeming it. The code opens up a PRIME subscription for one year. The period starts from the date the code is redeemed. The code remains valid for 6 months from the purchase.

Use yourself or give it as a gift

The instruction mail will include link to download a designed gift card that includes instructions telling how to start. Just print it our and write your code to the card!

Subscription details: This 1 year subscription of PRIME is not renewed automatically. When the subscription period ends one can decide if the subscription will be continued and how. We apply to the Consumer protections laws of European Union for purchases made by consumers. Order includes payment obligation. You agree that the subscription service is provided to you immediately after confirming the order so there is no right for withdrawal. Address: TellAbout, Karrinkuja 2, FI-00760 Helsinki, FINLAND tel. +358 45 2656750 Customer support:

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