UseTFS for JIRA, NEW license


UseTFS for JIRA licenses for NEW commercial customers

Each license includes 1 year of support and upgrades. Once maintenance period expires your plugin remains fully functional but you're not entitled to install newer versions.

UseTFS Suite allows you to integrate Atlassian JIRA with Microsoft Team Foundation System. Full description and download link available at Atlassian Marketplace

When selecting one of these options, please verify that you have the same (or lower) JIRA license tier.

RENEW license for existing customers (additional year of support) costs half of the corresponding license price listed below. Please contact if you wish to renew.

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  • UseTFS 10 Users $50.00
  • UseTFS 25 Users $480.00
  • UseTFS 50 Users $880.00
  • UseTFS 100 Users $1,600.00
  • UseTFS 250 Users $2,900.00
  • UseTFS 500 Users Enterprise $4,800.00
  • UseTFS 2000 Users Enterprise $6,400.00
  • UseTFS 10000 Users Enterprise $8,000.00
  • UseTFS 10000+ Users (unlimited) Enterprise $9,600.00

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