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M! v3.0 (Macintosh) - Scaling at the Computer


M! has all the features of the successful scaling slide rule, used the world over by organ builders, experts and amateurs. In addition, M! offers straight-forward intuitive usage and all the advantages of modern computer programs.

Features include:

  • Easiest diagramming of scalings
    • graphically
    • calculated (broken scales, addition constants, etc.)
  • Comfortable analysis of existing scalings
    • numerical input of scalings
    • import of scalings form other programs
  • Clear management of scales
    • freely arranged stop list
    • multiple masking of scale curves on the graph
    • simple placement of commentary on the graph
  • Multiple readout possibilities
    • graphs of scales in various combinations
    • spreadsheets of all measurements (deviance from mean, diameter, width of mouth, theoretical length, end compensation and much more) for values between C1 and c61 (also selectively, e.g. C-F#)
    • export of spreadsheet into other programs (e.g. Excel™)
    • copy and paste of spreadsheets (or parts thereof) in text programs
    • printout of scales
  • Reuse of existing scales
    • compilation of divisions simply by copying scaling from existing M! files
  • Use as a documentation medium
    • M! is available for Windows™ and Apple OS X™ *)
    • All documents created with M! can be opened by any of these platforms *)

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X v10.10 (Yosemite) or newer

*) M! v3 is currently only available for Mac OS X. A Windows version of M! v3 is coming soon. M! v3 is able to open files created with M! v2 (Mac or Windows) but not vice versa.

If you already own a license for M! 2.0, you might want to order the M! 3.0 Upgrade here.

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