Weigh scale integration software for SAP.

Licence to use ERP-Scale on one PC for one weighing device. If more than one weighing-device is to be used with the PC, an additional licence for each weighing device must be purchased. If ERP-Scale is installed on a server which has three weighing-devices connected, then three licences are required.

ERP-Scale packing station edition (ERP-Scale PSE) offers Integration of weighing equipment with packing station transactions in SAP.
Integrate weigh scales with:
  • SAP ECC packing station transaction HUPAST
  • SAP EWM packing station /SCWM/PACK and quality inspection & count /SCWM/QINSP transactions
  • Third party packing stations (e.g. ShipExec from CONTAX)
  • Custom ABAP applications.

ERP-Scale Production, Quality and Shipping (ERP-Scale PQS) offers SAP Integration and weighing equipment interface in one easy to use package.
Integrate weigh scales with:
  • SAP PI-Sheets, Electronic work instructions, manufacturing cockpits and XSteps using SAP ODA
  • SAP Quality management using QM-IDI
  • SAP Packing Station Transaction in ECC(HUPAST) and EWM (/SCWM/PACK)
  • Custom ABAP applications.

Quick and easy installation. No additional hardware, software or ABAP programming required.
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