Thrilling Wonder Stories, October 1939


Developed in the 1890s and lasting into the 1950s, the "pulp" magazine (called pulp due to the kind of paper used) format was a low-cost means of delivering fiction short stories to the masses. In many ways, the pulp magazine was a predecessor to the comic book of today and several famous comic book heroes got their start in pulp magazines.

Thrilling Wonder Stories was one such magazine, in print from 1936 to 1955.

This is the October 1939 issue of Thrilling Wonder Stories. This issue includes:

Planet of Eternal Night by John W. Campbell, Jr.

The Energy Eaters by Arthur K. Barnes and Henry Kuttner

The Scourge Below by Sam Merwin, Jr.

Via Venus by Gordon A. Giles

Experiment With Destiny by Oscar J. Friend

Hades by Charles F. Ksanda

Hero by H.L. Gold

In addition, the magazine features a selection of science quizzes, reader's letters, editor's comments and other minor features.

Due to difficulties with the restoration process, the magazine's regular art feature, called "If--", could not be included. Also, a "Swap Column" and all advertisements were not included.

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