The Power of Positivity - Complete Edition


The Power of Positivity - The Complete Edition will help you to live a more positive life. This premium kit also includes, besides the 132-page main guide, many useful bonuses:

- The Small Guide to Overcoming 3 Big Obstacles to a More Positive Life. On how to overcome and minimize envy and perfectionism and not overreact about the small things in life.
- The 23-page Workbook.
- 5 MP3 audio guides on positive thinking, handling criticism and nervousness, using failure to your advantage and consistently creating great days.
- Two wallpapers and two startpages for your browser to help you with the positivity.

As usual, you have a 60-day no hard feelings and no questions asked money back guarantee for these digital guides.

NOTE: This is a downloadable premium training kit, not a book made out of paper.