The Power of Positivity - Basic Edition


Get your copy of The Power of Positivity + Focus Workbook, the two audio guides and two transcripts. You have a 60-day no hard feelings and no questions asked money back guarantee for these digital guides.

“I have just finished The Power of Positivity. I loved it. I can’t remember how much I paid for it but it was well worth the price.I loved the journey you have been on and I related to it a lot because of my own journey. Choosing to be happy is so important. I liked that you didn’t just tell me the principles or habits, you explained how to do them. And I loved the part about giving value. I have said for years that we all have something of value to give. Thank you for showing me a way to achieve my own success.”
- Melissa Ethington

NOTE: This is a downloadable premium training kit, not a book made out of paper.