Birth to Buyout: Buy the Book or Get Sample Chapters


If you want to start a business, run your business more efficiently or help other people with the legal issues around their business, then Birth to Buyout is a terrific choice.

Birth to Buyout will show you how to set up a company, work out your deal with your partners, make a website privacy policy, raise money, negotiate a lease, tell the difference among copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets, craft a license agreement, structure a royalty payment, get your product made, identify regulations over you, pick your sales options, manage your risk, manage the buyout process.

Birth to Buyout spins forward on the story of two cubicle workers who make a run for entrepreneurship just as big corporate culture is closing in, all with the help of their corporate lawyer. (You can also skip the story pages.)

You can buy Birth to Buyout, get some free chapters or look at the Table of Contents to see what is inside.

For information on Coco Soodek, lawyer and author, click here.

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