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Pro Wrestling Superstar is a unique simulation of professional wrestling where you're the promoter! If you've been looking for a wrestling simulator that gives you complete control over how you want to run your promotion, look no further than PWS. It contains all of the tools you need to create, manage, and run a wrestling promotion. Played by pro wrestlers and pro wrestling fans alike, PWS has an awesome community of folks who play the game. Get it now!

Operating System

The full version of the Pro Wrestling Superstar simulator. Available for PC and Mac.
  • Pro Wrestling Superstar - Windows $10.00
  • Pro Wrestling Superstar - Mac $10.00
  • Choose one of the above if you would like to purchase the full version of Pro Wrestling Superstar for PC or Mac.


Plugins enhance the functionality of Pro Wrestling Superstar. Plugins work on both PC and Mac. You can choose the plugins you would like to add to your PWS installation from the list below.

You must have a licensed copy of Pro Wrestling Superstar in order to install and use any of the plugins below.
  • Pro Wrestling Superstar - Backup/Restore Plugin $2.99