Virtual ][


Virtual ][ is a Mac application that emulates the vintage Apple ][ computer. Its main purpose is to enjoy, on your Mac, the nostalgic fun of the Apple ][.

Key features

  • - Emulates the Apple ][, ][+, and //e
  • - Supports USB game pad or joystick
  • - Save a running machine and resume later on
  • - Conversion of original diskettes to disk image files
  • - Integrated "Spotlight" module allows searching for a specific file on your disk images
  • - Epson FX-80 and ImageWriter II printer emulation (full license only)

The differences between the limited license and the full license are listed here.

After purchasing a license, you will receive an e-mail with the license code and a description of how to activate the application.

  • Virtual ][ full license $44.00
  • Virtual ][ limited license $19.00
  • Virtual ][ upgrade a limited license to a full license $30.00