Qualia Communications Timo Teichert
Time-saving plugins for Lightwave

Six-points-to-four-quads (a LightWave Modeler plugin, hybrid)


Qualia Communications' Six-Points-to-Four-Quads has been designed to speed up the patch end caps process of William Vaughan’s workflow “Modelling text with SubD’s” . In order to avoid the creation of tiny quads and to create a cleaner polygon flow, William Vaughan suggested a four-poly-configuration to patch end caps.

Instead of creating this configuration for almost each letter of your text by hand, you can speed up this task by utilizing Six-Points-to-Four-Quads.

The package contains four versions of the plugin as it has been compiled with Lightwave 2015 and Lightwave 9.6.1 for both Windows and Mac.