quickFilters Pro 1 Year License


quickFilters Pro gives you full unrestricted access to its premium features. It also turns off the donation pages which are displayed on update with the free version of quickFilters. More premium features can be added during that time, and there may be "premium exclusive" features not visible to free users.

What work does the license finance?

quickFilters is fully compatible with the latest versions of Thunderbird (ESR 115) - and currently supports beta versions up to version 125.0b5. We are working on the next changes for Thunderbird 128 which will be released in summer 2024 and is planned to support Microsoft Exchange.

Annual License / Premium Features

The license is valid for 1 year from date of purchase. It does not renew automatically.

You can test drive many of the premium features with the free version, but they may be restricted.

Personal License Key bound to Email Address

The license is for your personal use and is tied to your email address. The email address must be defined as primary identity in any of your Thunderbird accounts. The validation of the email runs offline and the address is not stored on any server nor transmitted during use. With this mechanism, you can have additional email addresses, which do not need a separate key. You can install and use it on multiple email clients as long as they also have the primary address.


quickfilters Pro will be automatically updated via addons.thunderbird.net as usual. After the license term expires you can renew the license or keep using premium features under same restrictions as free users. "Premium Exclusive" features will require a valid registration key.