SmartTemplate⁴ Pro Domain License


Welcome to the SmartTemplate⁴ Pro license store.

This page allows you to purchase an annual domain license to use SmartTemplate⁴ Pro, typically used for companies with 5 or more users. SmartTemplate⁴ Pro is licensed on an annual basis. The base price only covers the base domain without any users. You must specify a user count separately, with a minimum of 5 users. If you only need a personal license for 1 - 4 users, please have a look at the SmartTemplate Pro License instead.

SmartTemplate⁴ Pro is an add-on to Mozilla Thunderbird that adds lots of productivity features.
SmartTemplate⁴ Pro can be downloaded and installed into Thunderbird from

When you install SmartTemplate⁴, you can test drive the Premium Features described here. You can keep testing them with a SmartTemplate4 Standard License.

Annual License

An annual license for SmartTemplate⁴ Pro gives you all premium features for a year. Any additional premium features added during the license term can also be used without restriction. The license fee enables me to support and grow the extension further and turn it into something even more awesome. In SmartTemplate⁴ Pro, any notifications "this is a premium feature" are turned off.

Selection of Your Domain

The domain name for the license must be entered on the next page. The license is keyed to your email domain, and the email domain must match an email address you are using for SmartTemplate⁴ Pro within Thunderbird, so make sure you choose the domain correctly.

At least one primary email address on each Thunderbird client must match with the licensed domain to be valid for the issued SmartTemplate⁴ Pro license. One Thunderbird Profile counts as "single seat" - even if you use other email addresses on it.

For example, if your license key is
then the email addresses of your licensed users must also match by ending with

After completion of the order process, I will contact you directly with the license key via email. The key must then be inserted on the Tab named SmartTemplate⁴ License, denoted by a red rotating icon. Creation of the domain keys is a manual process, so please allow 24 to 48 hours for delivery.

Individual Seats

  • SmartTemplate Domain Seat $7.50