RecessionALERT Discovery 2-year

$425.00 every 2 Years

An opportunity to discover our STANDARD services. Includes access to ALL features of $449 STANDARD subscription at a greatly reduced price for 2 year (24 months.) This subscription is essentially a discovery of our most popular offering at a 50% discount. In the spirit of a discovery process, present clients with active subscriptions are NOT eligible.


RecessionALERT informs you in advance of the risks and probability of a U.S recession and couples this with U.S stock market asset allocation and market-timing models.

Stay informed, on a near real time basis of the state of the economy as well as receive advance warning of an impending recession, market corrections and high probability buy-the-dip situations.

Internal, single individual use. Includes 1x 90-minute Zoom consultation, access to PDF reports of all nine weekly/monthly econometric models covering labor, housing, leading indicators, GDP and Global Economy. Also access to daily updated market timing charts for SP500, market breadth, and market dashboards. It also includes a dozen in-depth on and off-chain models for Bitcoin and a DXY (US Dollar Index) market timing probability model. Exclusive access to subscriber-only research, and emailed market commentary.