PRO Subscription 2 Year

$1,249.00 every 2 Years

Includes the STANDARD subscription PLUS the following:

(1) Two additional Skype/Zoom 90-min consultations to explain model use/interpretation or to discuss/expand on emailed market commentary or warnings.

(2) Downloadable Excel history files (from 1962) of all 12 econometric models updated each month. Downloadable Excel updates and vintages history of Weekly SuperIndex, Weekly WLEI indices and associated diffusions and SP500 Probability Model updated each week. Downloadable Excel history of all our SP500 Market Breadth data and associated market-timing models that use them.

(3) Exclusive PRO research and market commentary, early access to new models we develop (about 3 per year)

(4) Access to Market timing & probability/Trendex models for SP500, Nasda-100 (QQQ), Aggregate Bond Index (AGG) and Gold (GLD)Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) as well as DXY US$ index and Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) Index

(5) Access to our ANALYZER tool allowing you to combine any of our 12 coincident, leading and long-leading economic models into custom composite indices of your own which you can publish to your clients.

(6) Intraday charts (updated every 15-min) of our main buy-the-dip signalling models and breadth based market-timing models.

(7) Web & email Push notifications for report updates and important observations

This subscription is best for fund managers, family offices, institutions or PRO investors/traders who want access to high-frequency chart updates or to download our model data for backtesting and/or incorporating into their own spreadsheets/models, or who are operating diversified portfolios that extend beyond the SP-500.