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Regain Your Name will provide you with a detailed report on your online reputation, including searches of Google, Bing, Ask and Yahoo; Twitter and Facebook, Wikipedia and popular blog services such as Blogger, Wordpress, Livejournal and Typepad.

We will identify potential instances of defamation, cyberbullying or malicious content, in addition to any you might supply to us for checking. We will then provide a bespoke customised guide on how to remove the material, or if it is not possible to remove the material, how to block, hide or otherwise bury or obscure it from public view.

If you have a personal or business website - tell us where we can find it and we can suggest SEO (Search Engine Optmisation) tips of how to use your website as a tool to removing the offensive content. The report will also include emails and/or letters customised for you to send out to the offending websites in order to successfully process claims for defamation, harassment, breaches of terms of service or copyright for stolen content. We will provide our detailed report and advice within 7-10 working days of your purchase.


What you need to tell us

  1. A list of the website addresses containing content you would like removed.
  2. Detailed reasons as to why you believe the content to be unacceptable - for example defamation or harassment.
  3. What action you have already tried to take (if applicable).
  4. A list of the search terms which make the offensive material appear. (For example, the words you type on google which result in the offensive websites appearing in search results.)


Unless you have already done so, please visit this page on our website first to email us details of your reputation management issue before purchasing the service from this page.

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