Regainyourname DMCA Copyright infringement take-down notice drafting service


Has someone stolen your photo? Has a website used your text and infringed your copyright? Has a video for which you own the copyright turned up on the internet without your permission? Has someone copied your facebook or twitter images without asking?

We can show you how to use the DMCA - Digital millennium Copyright Act to get these images, text, videos or other digital information deleted and removed.

You tell us the issue - we will draft a DMCA take-down notice and provide you with full instructions on how to submit it to Google, Facebook, Twitter or any other website or internet provider.

NB - Please note - we are happy to advise you on our view as to the likelihood of the DMCA take-down request succeeding prior to your purchase. However, please bear in mind there is never a 100% possibility of success - even for a perfectly drafted and valid DMCA request.

Unless you have already done so, please visit this page on our website first to email us details of your reputation management issue before purchasing the service from this page.

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