RoboCam Field Recorder


RoboCam Field Recorder lets you control your Panasonic Lumix cameras remotely via WiFi.

Using RoboCam Field Recorder, it's easy to control your 2 camera set up on the fly. Using a dedicated WiFi network, you are able to connect to each camera, view the live feed, set settings* such as ISO, shutter-speed, resolution and control zoom and focus right from your Mac.

RoboCam is the perfect companion for shooting a scene or event from multiple angles simultaneously.

  • Take picture
  • Start/Stop recording video
  • Zoom in/out
  • Set focus (touch-focus or manual)
  • View 2 camera live feeds simultaneously
  • Supports up to 2 cameras
  • Take pictures
  • Record videos

Supported cameras
  • Lumix DMC-GH4
  • Lumix DMC-GH3
  • Lumix DMC-FZ1000
  • Lumix DMC-LX100
  • Lumix DMC-G6
  • Lumix DMC-GX7
  • Lumix DMC-GF6
  • Lumix DMC-GF7
  • Lumix DMC-GM1
  • Lumix DMC-GM5
  • Lumix DMC-TZ60
*More soon! ;)

Supported platforms
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10