My First 32 Coffee Dates


Internet dating can be fun, wild and provocative. Read the story of one man who connected with thousands of women around the world, chatted and emailed with hundreds asking them questions and getting to know them, then telephones hundreds and finally met 32 for coffee and much more. This tell all book by M. Lyman Hill is an online dating odyssey through internet dating websites large and small. From the tame to the wild. M. Lyman Hill's book My First 32 Coffee Dates offers dating advice and insights he learned from his on-line adventures and mis-adventures. Read the titillating stories of his encounters with very nice women and naughty ones, train wreaks and paragons of virtue. Dating online is a jungle to some and a paradise to a many. My First 32 Coffee Dates tells all the romance, nervous moments, humor, missteps and wild encounters experienced by a professional man dating on,,,,, and dozens more sites. Learn about the vast variety of women and their secret passions. Great advice for anyone internet dating in the information age. The books contains cartoons, profiles, and the dialogue that happened between the women and M. Lyman Hill. The insights are worth the price of the book.

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