CrossWorks for ARM


CrossWorks for ARM is a complete C, C++ and assembly code development system for Cortex-A/R/M and ARM7/9/11 microcontrollers. The CrossStudio Integrated Development Environment takes care of edit, build, download and debug over JTAG or SWD. Each commercial license purchase includes one year of software assurance.

If you are looking to upgrade your existing CrossWorks for ARM license, please purchase the CrossWorks for ARM Major Version Upgrade product.

Licensing Options

  • Shared-Developer Commercial License with USB dongle $2,250.00 +$60.00 Shipping
    This type of license can be used between multiple developers using a USB Sentinel Dongle license key. Available for use with Windows, x86 Linux & (MAC OS X if using CrossWorks V3 or later.) Some customers like the flexibility offered by this type of licensing, and if it fits your needs that's great!
  • Named Developer Commercial License $1,500.00
    Commercial named developer licenses are licensed per developer not per computer. As such, a single developer that has purchased a single CrossWorks license, can activate the software on as many machines as needed to develop and support their applications. Typically, a developer will activate CrossWorks on a number of machines e.g Lab PC, Laptop, Home PC
  • Educational Workstation License $300.00
    This license covers use of CrossWorks for ARM on a single workstation only by universities, colleges, and schools to teach their pupils and students. This is the license to purchase if you are a bona-fide educational establishment and are teaching. If you're doing research then you'll need a commercial license, so please read our license FAQs!
  • Personal Non-Commercial License $150.00
    A license for hobbyists that want to play with hardware for fun! No guaranteed support and certainly not for commercial development. Before we issue any activations of this license we need a signed non-commercial agreement on file: click here, fill out the form, and return it to us.