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CyQuest mamages all your client information in one location. You can easily perform searches to locate clients by location, Keywords in their associated documents etc. CyQuest allows the user to create, store and track notes and create and store attachments related to a particular client. Attachment information is stored in the database and can be viewed or retrieved at anytime. CyQuest provides the user with versioning control for attachment information. As client documentation is updated, the attachment tracking is updated to reflect the changes while maintaining a history. A major feature of CyQuest is its ability to allow the user to generate additional tabs thus capturing custom information for either all clients or a single client. Another feature of the CyQuest application is its ability to generate and store meeting and telephone notes. In addition to tracking and storing documents for a particular client, CyQuest has the ability to manage resources. A resource is a document(s) that can be assigned to a single client or a group of clients. It differs from an attachment in that it is loaded into the database only once with all subsequent references to the document(s) stored as links. Resources are uploaded and managed in the system using the resource manager. The resource manager has the ability to create directories that are then used to organize the resources.