Whether you are a seasoned database administrator or new to database administration, XDataExtract is the tool for you. XdataExtract is a fully functional XML tool that allows Database administrators, programmers, and computer users to upload XML data in to a Microsoft SQL server database effortlessly as long as you have: 1. A valid and well formed XML document(s). 2. Access to a SQL Server (User Name and Password). 3. A SQL Server Account that has the ability to create and modify databases. Upload XML documents into a SQL Server database, and create new tables and fields based on the elements contained within the XML document(s). As the application parses the XML document(s) it creates a listing of the elements it contains. Either import all elements contained within the document or select specific elements to upload. This makes XDataExtract a versatile utility for both programmer and novice.

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XRssFeed Generator is designed to assist web masters manage and generate news feeds files by storing each item and its details into a database. Once the information has been added to the database news items can be edited and/or deleted as well as rss files generated with no understanding of xml required.